Algonac Robotics has created a Varsity Letter program to encourage students participation and demonstrate achievement through the First Badges program.

To see details on how to get your Robotics varsity letter, click here.

Furthermore, students can get Achievement badges to proudly display the gained knowledge on their varsity coats and/or other banner/coats/shirts.

Algonac Robotics will use the FIRST Badge system to give badges to attest a student knowledge around the robotics program.

Participants can display badges electronically through Credly or the Mozilla Backpack.

For more information on the FIRST badges system, click here.

Algonac Robotics available achievement badges are:




Drive Team


FIRST Badges Requirements

Computer Aided Design

Level 1   Level 2


Level 1   Level 2  Level 3  Level 4


Level 1   Level 2   Level 3   Level 4

Engineering Design

Level 1    Level 2   Level 3   Level 4


Level 1    Level 2   Level 3   Level 4

Participation and Leadership

Level 1   Level 2   Level 3   Level 4