We need your help!

The Algonac Robotics Club is a self operating after school club with an annual budget of over $25,000.

This includes the cost of materials, competition registrations, tools and travel. Corporate and personal sponsorship is essential to our success. While each student is required to
raise funds as part of their team commitment, we rely on sponsorships and grants to achieve the balance of our funds.

All donations and sponsorships are made to the Algonac Community Schools District, a public school organization.

To view and print our sponsorship brochure, click here.


Level 5 Sponsors - Strategic Partners $3500+
Level 4 Sponsors - $1500 to $3499
Level 3 Sponsors -
$500 to $1,499
The Lorkowski Family
Level 2 Sponsors - $100 to $499
The Szymanski FamilyThe Amiels Family
Level 1 Sponsors - $0 to $99