Welcome to the Algonac Robotics Club!

This page is designed to get you started with the different tools that we used.

Due to the nature of what we do and the team format, we rely heavily on technology. If there is any issues with using some of the tool, please contact Coach Seb.

  1. Review our web site. Understand the links from the menu and what you will find. I need a few webmaster to help with this. If you are interested, contact Coach Seb.
  2. Understand what the FIRST Organizations is all about by watching this video.
  3. Make sure you are sign up on our Remind account. This is our primary tool to communicate with all team members. It is very important that you set this up as soon as possible if you are not already on. Feel free to have your family , parents, guardian and / or others sign up as well. Instruction to sign up are available here.
  4. If you and your parents/guardians are Facebook users, join our Facebook Group. If you are not on Facebook, no worries as every post on the group is automatically posted on our web page. We understand some families do not encourage social media and we try to be as respectful as we can. Just keep in mind that many great pictures, videos and other information may end up being share on our group
  5. We use a web site call Sign up Genius for students, coaches and parents to sign up for events, meals and other tasks. It is important to create your account if you don’t have one, we also recommend that your parent create one as they will be require to sign up for some assistance throughout the season. Use this link to go to Sign Up Genius and create a new account if you don’t have one.
  6. Print this form, fill and make sure the students parents / guardians sign. Email back or bring the printed copy to our meeting.
  7. If the students parents / guardians are intending on participating (we really need help throughout the seasons and at the events) you need to get this ICHAT form filled in and return to the school for proper background checks.
  8. FRC and FTC Only… Our team use a group messaging application call Slack. While Remind is a great way to quickly communicate to the team, Slack is our tool of choice to create group messaging. This is design to promote team collaboration and all team related messaging should be in our channel. Follow the steps below:
      1. Click on this link
      2. Enter your email
      3. Click “Send Me a Sign in Email
      4. Check your email and follow the instructions.


  9. The next step is to sign up with the FIRST organization and add your name to our roster. You should have received an email from “ftcteams” or “frcteams” with instruction on signing up. If your child was involved last year, your account may still be active.
    1. If you are joining our FRC team, our team # is 5860
    2. If you are joining our FTC team, our team # is 9819.
  10. Once you are done, fill this form.


This page will be updated as needed. If you notice any issues with the instructions, contact Coach Seb.