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If we fall behind in timing a particular area, everything needs to fall behind equally.

Your teams need to follow the SEQUENCE in the schedule.

Do not skip any event, because it will make you late for the next time event.  Robot runs and judging are all equally important.

For example, if the Robot Tables are running late, and your team’s Core Values / Teamwork Judging time is approaching, DO NOT leave the Robot Tables to go to the judging rooms. You ARE to wait at the Robot Tables for your match, and then proceed to the judging rooms. The judges WILL WAIT for you to arrive and WILL NOT take another team out of order.

The FRC Team, the ThunderChickens will be at the event.  The ThunderChickens will be wearing Bright Green shirts, and will be all over the school. They will helping all teams get on track, and will search for teams that are in the wrong place, at the wrong time.  They will be communicating between the judging rooms, and the robot tables.  If you are going to be late for any reason, please notify one of them.  They will even help you find “misplaced” team members, and get you back on track.

If we stick to the schedule sequentially, ThunderQuest will run smooth as butter on hot pancakes. Yes it may add some time to our day, but that is easier to deal with.


What to do when you arrive

  1. Team PIT – Have your team proceed to the Team Pits (in the cafeteria).  Unload, and set up your table for the day.
  2. Registration – Once settled, have one of the coaches (or respective representative) go the registration area and check your team in.  Bring print out of the Team Registration Form, all hard copy Consent and Release Forms (if any), Team Information Sheet, and payment.
  3. Robot inspection – Take one or two of the students, to carry the robot (and any attachments) to registration / robot inspection to have it validated for construction.  Check the Animal Allies Challenge ( – starting on page 16, “Equipment, Software, and People” section for rules.
  4. Registration and Robot Inspection MUST be complete in order for your team to compete.
  5. Coach’s meeting – Attend Coach’s meeting at 7:30.  This meeting is to go over any issues, grievances and answer any questions before the competition begins. Sometimes it is helpful for a coach to have an assistant go to the registration, robot inspection, and get team to the gym during this time period.
  6. Opening ceremonies – Opening ceremonies will begin promptly at 8:00 a.m. in the gym, and all teams are asked to be there in a timely manner. It is important for the teams to be at the opening ceremonies. The competition rounds and judging sessions start right after the opening ceremonies.

Note – if this is your 1st year at ThunderQuest, you may want to be prepared for the opening ceremonies.  It will be LOUD, energetic, a little bit crazy, but most of all fun (did I mention LOUD?).

Team Pit Area

Each team will be assigned a spot in the cafeteria for their team pits.  Look for a sign with your PIT number.  We ask that you do not switch tables, so we can find your team if there is a change to the schedule, or judges may want to ask you more questions.

We ask that each team respect each other’s spaces and to keep your area clean.  At the end of the day, please show your gracious professionalism by making sure your pit area is cleaned up.

Tournament Checklist


  • Excited and enthusiastic team of gracious professionals!
  • Team Roster printout listing every team member, including coaches and mentors. In addition:  A paperConsent & Release  form for anyone who has not registered through STIMS.
  • $75 Tournament fee, paid by check (made out to Utica Community Schools) or cash.
  • Team Profile Sheets (4 copies).
  • Printouts of your robot programs, to show the Robot Design Judges.
  • Materials, props, and equipment needed for Project presentation.
  • Robot, attachments, spare LEGO parts kit.


  • Laptop computer with batteries and/or AC adaptor, extra batteries, extension cords.
  • Container to transport your robot and attachments to/from matches and judging.  Accidents can happen in crowded walkways.
  • Pictures of your robot and attachments.  In case the worse thing happens, your team can rebuild it from the pictures.
  • A backup of your programs on memory stick or CD
  • USB cable or IR tower for program downloads.  Note:  Internet and Bluetooth access could be restricted at some events.
  • Extra batteries or battery re-charger.
  • Lunches/snacks/drinks, or money for concessions.  Concessions is a fundraiser for the FRC ThunderChickens who are hosting the event.  Please support them!
  • Storage box for personal items.
  • Medical permission forms (in case of emergency). Depends on the team’s school policies for field trips, etc.
  • Emergency contact numbers for team members.
  • Coach/ Mentor Award nomination letters (check with the Tournament Event Manager).
  • Note paper and pencil/pen.


  • Camera.
  • Trinkets to share with other teams (pins, hats, buttons, stickers, etc.)
  • Pit decorations
  • Team banner or posters

Do NOT bring

  • Bad Attitudes 😉
  • Items of value (jewelry, video games, etc.). Tournament hosts are not responsible for lost/stolen items