This is it!   

Team was planning to hit the road tomorrow morning, but because of inclement weather in the Flint/Saginaw area, we decided to go ahead and drive there tonight.

If anybody is driving to Saginaw in the next few days, please contact Coach Seb, Coach Jared or Coach Nicole. There are a few students that would love to join and they only need a ride up there. 

We are in the Ford Division. You can watch us live on Twitch and if we played in the playoff on Saturday afternoon, we will be on ESPN3 live. 

Follow us on Facebook all weekend. We will have a thread and post all update on our group page.

Team will be driving “Boomer” in the DTE booth and shoot T-Shirts. It is imperative that at any given time, the operator is well aware of their surroundings and who is by the canon. This is important and we do not want to have any incident. DTE is very excited to use this canon to shoot t-shirt and as far as i know, we are the only team there that will be doing this! 

Remember, we are all representing the swamp and while we are a small town, we are respectful, act with integrity and use gracious professionalism with everything we do. PERIOD. If anyone is not following these simple rules, you will not be allowed to participate in the event.

Qualification rounds will be going until Friday around dinner time. Then the alliance selection will be started. If we are selected or end up being an alliance captain, we will be playing in the elimination round on Saturday. In the event that we are not, we will still attend the elimination rounds and the award ceremonies. 

Good luck to Shelby Woods our Dean List nominee and Coach Nicole, our Woodie Flowers nominee. These are great achievements and no matter what the outcome, we are very proud to have you on our team!

Let’s do this, this is our chance to show what we learned over the last 4 years. Many teams are looking at us and it should be a great event for all involve… Just remember, work hard, be courteous, use gracious professionalism and have fun in the process!