Below is a table outlying our multimedia strategy. This is to provide some directions and guidanceĀ on what tool to use for what purpose.

ToolsDescriptionHow to AccessPurpose
facebookThis is the Algonac Robotics official Facebook Group Page. Click here to openThis is our outreach to the Facebook community. All blog from our web site are automatically posted on this gorup page. It is also use to encourage communications with parents and other community members.
twitterThis is the official Twitter feed for the Algonac Robotics Club.Click here to open
youtubeThis is our official YouTube channel. All teams videos will be uploaded on that channel.Click here to openOffical video hosting service.
wordpressThis is the web page hosting service.Click here to openWeb Site hosting.
slackThis is our official group text and collaboration environment.Encourage group texting and collaboration.