2017 Steamworks Waterford Event Information

Steamworks is here!

Lets get ready for a great competition. Robot is looking good and time to show all the hard work that has been done by everyone.

Please Print and turn in tonight.

  1. FIRST’s C/R
  2. FIRST in Michigan C/R

We will meet Thursday afternoon at 3pm at the Lab. This will allow us to pack and get on the road to be in Waterford at door opening which is 5pm.

Click here to open the agenda.

Click here for general information on the event. This includes maps, food and other info.

So here is a recap of what we will do…

Thursday night will setup pit, go thru inspection, make last minute adjustment. Plan on being there until about 10pm. If you need a ride, please let Coach Seb know asap.

Friday morning, plan on meeting in the pit at 8am. Opening Ceremony is at 1030. If you have family and/or friends coming, tell them to come early as seats fill fast. Matches will start at 11am and go thru 9pm.

Saturday morning, plan on meeting in the pit at 8am. Competition will go until about noon, then alliance selection and playoffs in the afternoon. Should be done around 6pm and we will help putting field down at the end. so bring a pair of gloves. Last year it took about an hour to tear down the field.

Everyone should bring some healthy snacks and food to munch on. Coach Seb will bring a cooler with water. We will setup a table in the cafeteria.

This is going to be a fun event, feel free to invite as many friends and family as possible, we need the cheer section to be loud! and yes the Thunder chickens are going to be there….

Any questions, call or text Coach Seb at 586-770-9386.






Last build week schedule!

Almost there!

This week schedule will be as follows:

Monday 2/13 – 5-9pm

Tuesday 2/14 – No meeting

Wednesday 2/15 – 5-9pm

Thursday 2/16 – 5-9pm

Friday 2/17 – No meeting

Saturday 2/18 – If needed

Sunday 2/19 – If needed

Monday 2/20 – 230-9pm

Tuesday 2/21 – 230-9pm Bag Day !!!!!!!

Please work with the coaches on schedule changes or coming weekend.

Almost done, let’s get this done!

Coach Seb

Waterford Event Volunteer Needed!

Its almost here!

And we need to have volunteer sign up in the VIMS system.

Anyone 14 and older can volunteer. We need at a minimum 2 people at any given time. So the more the better.

See instruction below to sign up.


VOLUNTEER DEADLINE is fast approaching!  Several teams have not provided their volunteers for the Waterford District.  Please remember ALL TEAMS need to provide 2 volunteers for 2 days.

Please have your volunteers sign up in VIMS.       https://my.usfirst.org/FIRSTPortal/Login/VIMS_Login.aspx

We still need volunteers for—
Field reset—students are GREAT in this role
Robot Inspectors
Crowd Control
Safety Glasses Attendant–students are GREAT in this role
Practice Field Attendant

FRC Coaches — Please pass on to team participants and parents.


If you have not signed your volunteers up, please do so.  We are still in need of several volunteers to make our event successful.


Each veteran team is required to provide 2 volunteers for two positions for 2 days at each event they attend and each rookie team is required to provide 1 volunteer for 2 days at each event they attend. If the team wants to fill a single position with more than one person (shifts) that’s fine for some spots, but each team must provide the equivalent of volunteers for two full days for two positions.Teams must have their volunteers registered by February 10, 2017. Any person 14 or older can volunteer. Parents, friends, or relatives are all welcomed to volunteer.

The volunteers must be entered in VIMS      https://my.usfirst.org/FIRSTPortal/Login/VIMS_Login.aspx

Each volunteer registering in VIMS must include their team number under the first questions (“team involvement”) found in the “expertise” section. Without a team number the volunteer coordinator will be unable to credit your team.

If a team is small and prefers to volunteer at events they are not attending, this is fine. The teams should let the volunteer coordinator from the team’s registered events know and arrangements can be made. If the whole team would instead like to participate in set up and tear down, there are a limited number of these slots. Contact the volunteer coordinator at the team’s registered events.

A big Thank you to those teams with their volunteers in place.

Volunteers will be trained at the event for the roles below.  These are the positions we still need to staff our event:

Crowd Control

Field Reset

Practice Field Attendant

Safety Advisor

Safety glass attendant

Team Queuing


Volunteers will need to take test prior to the event in order to be a robot inspector. 

Robot Inspector

***Team mentors and family members can not apply for Judge Role.

Please take a few minutes and pass this on to your student’s parents.

If you have questions, please contact me.

Cindy Nader

Waterford District Volunteer Coordinator

FRC Capac Season Kickoff Event

Very Important Consent and Release Form to be turn in to Coach Seb on arrival tomorrow. Both forms are needed.

Please Print and turn in the morning or earlier when you get to Capac High School.

  1. FIRST’s C/R (either signed electronically OR download and sign the paper version and turned in at the event)
  2. FIRST in Michigan C/R  (not available to sign electronically so must download & sign the paper version and turned in at the event)

Both forms sign by parents/guardians are needed.

We will meet in the high school cafeteria around 745am.

There will be different class until about 10am.

Then we will go to the Gym to watch the game video and they usually have some of the game field parts available for review.

We will pick our kit of parts and then drive back to Algonac Pointe Tremble. We will spend a few hours doing an inventory and start discussing our strategy around Steamworks.

Plan on bringing a lunch and/or money. We can arrange to have fast food stop on our way back back to Algonac.

See you there, any questions, call my cell at 586-770-9386.

Coach Seb

FRC Team All Hands Kick Off Meeting

Interested in joining our team for the 2017 season?  

We will have our first meeting on Wednesday 01/04/2016, 5-9pm at the Robotics Lab located at Pointe Tremble. Click here for a detailed map.

Season is starting this Saturday with the game unveal at the Capac HS.

This meeting is open to all students grade 8-12.

If you are already sign up, just attend the meeting, if you never sign up and want to join, click here for our team application.

Bring your friends and parents, agenda will b

See you there !!!!

2017 Game Teaser

Last Year Game Reveal

Algonac Robotics 2015-2016 Season Recap


2016 FTC Season Recap

What an awesome experience it was. I want to say thank you to all the parents, mentors, coaches that helped us through his season. It has been a blast and i am very excited to see that we applied a lot of the learning from last year into this year season and build.

Velocity Vortex was not an easy game to build for, but we made it and made very well. Although we fall short from a State Championship presence, we made a statement on how we performed, and how our robots was build. Some of you were around when we started last year and i am pretty sure you can see how this program has evolved over the last year and a half.

So let’s recap a few things from this FTC season:

  • Finished Marysville Qualifier undefeated during qualification matches and place 2nd out of 40 teams.
  • We matched the State record with 8 particles in tnter vortex twice.
  • Finished Bedford Qualifier winning 3 out of 5 of our qualification matches, putting us in 10th place out of 36 teams.
  • Scored the highest match during the Bedford qualification match with 170 points. To put this in perspective, the world record as of yesterday morning was 220… Reviewing the score of all Michigan qualifier this year, this is the 3rd highest score of the year.
  • Because of the way we build our sweeper, we are one of the very few teams out there that can pick and shoot during autonomous.
  • Programming in Java versus App Inventor was a great move, still a lot to learn but this is a great start.
  • Started using Actobotics parts versus Tetrix, which was a great move, allowing a lot more options in our design.
  • Started using VexPRO for drive systems and motion components. This is allowed us to build a very strong robots and leverage other components.
  • Started to learn how to leverage Solidworks.
  • Our pit and engineering notebook looks so much better, thank Ms Petit and the students that made this effort!

Click here to ope the FTC Bedford District Qualifier Gallery.

We will have a meeting on Wednesday 6-8pm.

Community Outreach on Friday night !!!!  Click here to see the flyer with info.

Click here to sign up using sign up genius.

FRC season is just around the corner. I am very excited about the new game coming up soon.




FTC Bedford Qualifier Important Information

Very Important Consent and Release Form to be turn in to Coach Seb before 730am tomorrow. Both forms are needed.

Please Print and turn in the morning or earlier when you get in the pit area.

  1. FIRST’s C/R (either signed electronically OR download and sign the paper version and turned in at the event)
  2. FIRST in Michigan C/R  (not available to sign electronically so must download & sign the paper version and turned in at the event)

For general Event Information, click here –> Event Information

For general Event Agenda, click here –> Event Agenda

This qualifier is located at the Temperance High School. Click on the event information link above for info on where to park and report.

Here is some specific information for our Algonac RoboRats.

  • Coach Seb will be at the pits around 7am to get things started.
  • All students to report to the team pits no later than 730am.
  • Safety glasses are mandatory in the pit area. We will distribute them later today in our lab. If you have your own pair, bring them.
  • Inspection and judging for our team will happen at 9am.
  • Drivers meeting will be 1015am
  • Opening ceremony starts at 1030am. If you have family and friends coming to visit and sheer, we recommend they come around 10am. If they want good seat, be there early.
  • Concessions stand will be open all day.
  • We will setup a table in the cafeteria. I would ask that each family bring a healthy snack to share. Fruits, granola bars, etc…    Coach Seb will bring water and juice box.
  • Students should also plan on bringing their own lunch or money for the concessions stand. See event info link above for concession stand info.

Here is our starting lineup:

Drivers Coach – Gabrielle Cournoyer / Eddie Boughner

Driver – Devin Petit

Driver Backup – Katie Emery

Operator – Tabitha Balduck

Operator Backup – Martin Wentzel

Pit Crew Mentor –  Eddie Boughner

Mechanical Pit Crew – Trevor Balduck / Rodney Romain

Programming Pit Crew – Gabrielle Cournoyer, Martin Wentzel, Katie Emery, Ashlee Juengel

Battery Keeper – Nathaniel Almanza

Team Photographer – TBD

Chief Scout – Shelby Wood

All remaining students are on the scout team.

This is subject to change at any time. Expect to see this move around throughout the day.

Scouting Information

Scouting is as important as driving and or coaching the drivers. The driving team rely on the scouting data to properly design each game plan and strategy.

For example, if we know that an alliance cannot trigger the beacon, we can then go around right at the beginning of the match and start changing to our alliance color.


The expectation is that every robot at every match will be scout using this application. Chief Scout will be responsible to track and make sure somebody is assign to each robot at each match.

Data will be collected and analyze throughout the day. Reports should be made to the drivers coach before each match to report on alliance and opposing alliance strengths and weaknesses. This is critical in developing our match strategy. It is also critical if we make it to the playoff and need to make decision on alliances.

Parents and friends are encourage to assist in scouting.

We are a team representing the swamp, let’s go out there and show them how we improve since last year!!!

Most importantly, let’s have fun and make the most of it!

11/19/2016 – FLL Sterling Heights ThunderQuest Event Report

FLL IronRats and IronRats2 teams participated in the 2016 ThunderQuest tournament at Henry Ford II High School on Saturday 11.19.16 in Sterling Heights. The day consisted of three separate judging events for FLL Core Values, the Animal Allies Project and Robot Design. Each team also had four rounds of timed robot competition.

The IronRats showed gracious professionalism while competing at the largest qualifier in the state of Michigan.
I would like to also add that the team set forth some ambitious goals for their first season. Not only did the team rise to the challenge but they exceed expectations. Judges were very impressed that we chose the most complicated part of the robot challenge to complete and exhibited advanced programming skills.

One set of judges said that the team meshed very well especially being rookie team.

We had many challenges during the competition, but all our kids remained calm and went to work identifying the problem and presenting solutions; always a team they remained. As a rookie team we identified areas for development and improvement, however one area that shined through out the day was how the team(s) pulled together and exhibited a certain esprit de corps.

To summarize the kids are and should be proud of all they accomplished this season.

Your coaches and parents are so proud of your rookie season IronRats!


IMG_5833.JPG IMG_5832.JPG IMG_1322.JPG IMG_1314.JPG IMG_1310.JPG IMG_1306.JPG IMG_1304.JPG 082.JPG 076.JPG 072.JPG 070.JPG 068.JPG 065.JPG 063.JPG 059.JPG 055.JPG 050.JPG 048.JPG 040.JPG 029.JPG 027.JPG 024.JPG 022.JPG 014.JPG 012.JPG