What’s ┬áSlack?

Slack is a collaboration tool that our team will use to facilitate information sharing and communication between coaches, students and any other person interested in joining our team environment.

Slack can be accessed using a browser on any type of devices. You can also download the application for iOS or Google Android application.

To download the application for your platform, click here.

To see a video of what Slack is all about, click here.


How are we using it at the Algonac Robotics Team?

To join our official Slack group, search for algonacroboticscom.

Slack is our official collaborative tool. It is our preferred tool for group texting, information sharing and other communication related to the team.

Each team members can create channels for specific projects, subteams or simple discussions about a specific topics.

Once a channel is created, you can join the public channel.

When a channel get a new post, it will become highlighted in the channel bar on the left of the screen.


You can then simply click on the channel name and the message will show on the channel message board.



To enter a message, click on the message field , type your entry and push enter.


To share a file from Google Drive, get a shareable link and simply paste in the message.


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