Its almost here!

And we need to have volunteer sign up in the VIMS system.

Anyone 14 and older can volunteer. We need at a minimum 2 people at any given time. So the more the better.

See instruction below to sign up.


VOLUNTEER DEADLINE is fast approaching!  Several teams have not provided their volunteers for the Waterford District.  Please remember ALL TEAMS need to provide 2 volunteers for 2 days.

Please have your volunteers sign up in VIMS.

We still need volunteers for—
Field reset—students are GREAT in this role
Robot Inspectors
Crowd Control
Safety Glasses Attendant–students are GREAT in this role
Practice Field Attendant

FRC Coaches — Please pass on to team participants and parents.


If you have not signed your volunteers up, please do so.  We are still in need of several volunteers to make our event successful.


Each veteran team is required to provide 2 volunteers for two positions for 2 days at each event they attend and each rookie team is required to provide 1 volunteer for 2 days at each event they attend. If the team wants to fill a single position with more than one person (shifts) that’s fine for some spots, but each team must provide the equivalent of volunteers for two full days for two positions.Teams must have their volunteers registered by February 10, 2017. Any person 14 or older can volunteer. Parents, friends, or relatives are all welcomed to volunteer.

The volunteers must be entered in VIMS

Each volunteer registering in VIMS must include their team number under the first questions (“team involvement”) found in the “expertise” section. Without a team number the volunteer coordinator will be unable to credit your team.

If a team is small and prefers to volunteer at events they are not attending, this is fine. The teams should let the volunteer coordinator from the team’s registered events know and arrangements can be made. If the whole team would instead like to participate in set up and tear down, there are a limited number of these slots. Contact the volunteer coordinator at the team’s registered events.

A big Thank you to those teams with their volunteers in place.

Volunteers will be trained at the event for the roles below.  These are the positions we still need to staff our event:

Crowd Control

Field Reset

Practice Field Attendant

Safety Advisor

Safety glass attendant

Team Queuing


Volunteers will need to take test prior to the event in order to be a robot inspector. 

Robot Inspector

***Team mentors and family members can not apply for Judge Role.

Please take a few minutes and pass this on to your student’s parents.

If you have questions, please contact me.

Cindy Nader

Waterford District Volunteer Coordinator