Very Important Consent and Release Form to be turn in to Coach Seb before 730am tomorrow. Both forms are needed.

Please Print and turn in the morning or earlier when you get in the pit area.

  1. FIRST’s C/R (either signed electronically OR download and sign the paper version and turned in at the event)
  2. FIRST in Michigan C/R  (not available to sign electronically so must download & sign the paper version and turned in at the event)

For general Event Information, click here –> Event Information

For general Event Agenda, click here –> Event Agenda

This qualifier is located at the Temperance High School. Click on the event information link above for info on where to park and report.

Here is some specific information for our Algonac RoboRats.

  • Coach Seb will be at the pits around 7am to get things started.
  • All students to report to the team pits no later than 730am.
  • Safety glasses are mandatory in the pit area. We will distribute them later today in our lab. If you have your own pair, bring them.
  • Inspection and judging for our team will happen at 9am.
  • Drivers meeting will be 1015am
  • Opening ceremony starts at 1030am. If you have family and friends coming to visit and sheer, we recommend they come around 10am. If they want good seat, be there early.
  • Concessions stand will be open all day.
  • We will setup a table in the cafeteria. I would ask that each family bring a healthy snack to share. Fruits, granola bars, etc…    Coach Seb will bring water and juice box.
  • Students should also plan on bringing their own lunch or money for the concessions stand. See event info link above for concession stand info.

Here is our starting lineup:

Drivers Coach – Gabrielle Cournoyer / Eddie Boughner

Driver – Devin Petit

Driver Backup – Katie Emery

Operator – Tabitha Balduck

Operator Backup – Martin Wentzel

Pit Crew Mentor –  Eddie Boughner

Mechanical Pit Crew – Trevor Balduck / Rodney Romain

Programming Pit Crew – Gabrielle Cournoyer, Martin Wentzel, Katie Emery, Ashlee Juengel

Battery Keeper – Nathaniel Almanza

Team Photographer – TBD

Chief Scout – Shelby Wood

All remaining students are on the scout team.

This is subject to change at any time. Expect to see this move around throughout the day.

Scouting Information

Scouting is as important as driving and or coaching the drivers. The driving team rely on the scouting data to properly design each game plan and strategy.

For example, if we know that an alliance cannot trigger the beacon, we can then go around right at the beginning of the match and start changing to our alliance color.


The expectation is that every robot at every match will be scout using this application. Chief Scout will be responsible to track and make sure somebody is assign to each robot at each match.

Data will be collected and analyze throughout the day. Reports should be made to the drivers coach before each match to report on alliance and opposing alliance strengths and weaknesses. This is critical in developing our match strategy. It is also critical if we make it to the playoff and need to make decision on alliances.

Parents and friends are encourage to assist in scouting.

We are a team representing the swamp, let’s go out there and show them how we improve since last year!!!

Most importantly, let’s have fun and make the most of it!