One one of off season project was to build a t-shirt / stress ball / candy launcher so we can create some excitement about the club in our community. Our original plan was to build it for the fall football game.

Deerbrook Builders and Cortis Bros are sponsoring events on Wednesday night and they ask if we could help. The goal is to create some positive energy in our community and they though a t-shirt canon would be a great way to build some excitement with the younger crowd.

As a result, we put some minds together and build our first prototype. Here some of the highlights of this project.

  • We consulted with Breathing Air company located in Columbus. OH and they donated the high price regulator and safety valve required to operate this robot safely.
  • Island Machine and Engineering totally kick butt on this and help design and build the barrel and holding brackets.
  • Brackett Auto donated a pretty hefty hose and a few accessories/tools to ensure proper airflow.
  • Kloeffler Industries welded the barrel fitting.
  • Clay Township Fire Department is also helping with the compressed air bottle and refill when needed.

Great job to all involved, football game and school events are going to be a blast!