Exploring RoboRealm Vision Systems


We have an opportunity to use RoboRealm vision with our robot build. In order to integrated this system during the build it would be nice if some of you (Student and/or coaches) want to “play” with it ahead of time.

RoboRealm is a software application that provides you the ability to rapidly process images from the Kinect and/or Axis IP camera in order to visually detect field elements. You can use RoboRealm to track positional markers, follow lines, track balls, and augment camera images with additional visual graphics. RoboRealm is an ideal vision platform for the Hybrid Autonomous period and human controlled parts of the competition (i.e. Augmented Driving).

I already received 2 Microsoft web cams that could be use with this. Our team has a voucher to download the software and experiment for free. See this link for more detail.

If you are interested, let me know as soon as possible.

Coach Seb


Important FRC Team Information

We are right around the corner for the start of our first FRC season. Some of you have been involved with our FTC team and I am hoping you enjoyed the season.

FRC season will be a fast paced, hard and fun season. We are off to a great start with some of the work with the grant situation and sponsorship. Thanks to those that contribute to the effort as you made a huge difference in our team getting the NASA grant. Thinks about this… I read that over 1000 teams applied and your hard work paid off…. To put his in perspective, only 110 teams in the US got it and only 6 in MI… Congrats Muskrats !

So before we get started, I need each current and potential team members to use this post as a check list to ensure that all information is properly captured and that you will received the info and team communication properly.

1- Review our web site. Understand the links from the menu and what you will find. I need a few webmaster to help with this. If you are interested, contact Coach Seb.

2- Understand what the First Robotics Competition is all about by watching this video.

3- Get excited !    Watch the game teaser by clicking here. Pay attention to the hidden clue in the video…for example, flag on top of the tower with everybody looking at it… Wondering if we will have to climb some sort of tower in the middle of the rink… Many clues are there, have fun trying to figure this out. If you want to watch 2015 broadcast, click here.

4- Are you scare yet? If not, fill in the application. This is for all new and current team members. This will ensure that we have all the proper contact information for all involved. Form can be found here.

5- Make sure you have access to the Team Google Drive. If you don’t, make sure you have a google account then email Coach Seb at thecournoyers@gmail.com

6- Make sure you are sign up on our Remind account. This is our primary tool to communicate with all team members. It is very important that you set this up as soon as possible if you are not already on. Feel free to have your family , parents, guardian and / or others sign up as well. Instruction to sign up are available here.

7- If you are a Facebook user, join our Facebook Group. If you are not on Facebook, no worries as every post on the group is automatically posted on our web page.

8- If you are a twitter user, follow our twitter account and re-tweet some of our post. A lot of the marketing we do is using social media. Let’s leverage this tool as much as possible. If you are not a twitter user, all tweets (message posted on a twitter account) are displayed on our homepage.

9- Sign up for the Capac event on 1/9/16 and the Kettering University event on 1/10/16. Please RSVP to the event so we know that you can make it or not. If you don’t have transportation, let one of the coach know and we will make some arrangements as needed.

10- If you are interested in learning 3D modeling and CAD design, download and install Solidworks. To do this, follow this instruction. If you are interested in learning Solidworks, I recommend you start here.

11- Once you are done with all this, use this form to get us your shirt size. At this point, I am assuming that you followed this instruction and we should be good to go!

It’s Christmas time, if you have space left on your Santa list, here is some suggestions of items our team may need… Ask Santa and then bring them with you after Christmas !!!!!

If there is any questions on this blog, use the comments below as others may have the same questions.

Looking for ward to this season,

Coach Seb