NASA Entrance Survey

Being a NASA grant recipient, our team students MUST participate in an entrance survey.

This apply to all team members. It is important to show our support as they are being very generous in giving us this grant.

To clarify, the grant amount to $6000.00 which cover our kit of parts and the entry fee for 2 competitions in MI. Furthermore, only 6 teams in MI received this grant.

The deadline for all students to do the survey is Thursday 1/9/16. Our Team number is 5860.

To access the survey, click here.

Coach Seb

Week of 1/4/2016

Happy New Year everyone ! Hope that everybody enjoyed their time off.

We are kicking things up a notch this week. We will meet on Tues and Thur 6-8pm at the lab and next weekend are 2 days of events that certainly will get the season started.

Tuesday 1/5 we will announce the sub-team and team Captains. Roles, responsibilities and expectations will be reviewed. We will also spend the second hour reviewing the FIRST Safety guidelines.

Thursday 1/7 sub-teams will get started on their tasks in preparation for the build season starting next Saturday.

Saturday 1/9 is the kickoff day and kit of part (KoP) pickup at Capac High School.  Please RSVP using this link.  Event information can be found here.

Sunday 1/10 is the Kettering University event. We will bring our KoP and build our first prototype. This is a sponsored events designed to give rookie team a jumpstart. RSVP using this link and info for the day can be found here.

The team also purchased 2 desktop computers that will be dedicated to Solidworks station in our lab. It is expected that every build team members start learning the software and its capabilities.

See you Tuesday night !!!!

Coach Seb