How to use Google Classroom at Algonac Robotics

Intro to Google Classroom

This blog is a quick intro to Google Classroom ad how we will use that framework to manage our training.

The goal is to have a platform that allow coaches and mentors to create classes and learning modules in a way that students can accomplish by themselves.

To use Google classroom, you must have a Gmail account.

Getting Started!

Google Classroom can be use on your regular PC via the browser (we recommend Chrome) or by installing the app on you mobile device.

Once the app is installed, simply open and log in using your Google account.

There is 2 ways to join a classroom:

  1. Click on the + sign and enter the provided class code.
  2. You will receive an email with a “Join Classroom” link that will allow you to join a classroom.
Once a classroom is added to your profile, you will see it on the app.
To “enter” a classroom, click on the classroom block. You will then see the classroom content.
The main classroom content is called the “Stream”.  Within the stream you will find many “learning module” or assignment to be completed.
Each learning module or assignment will show it’s status. You can quickly see if you are done with a learning module or not.
If you click on the assignment title, it will open the assignment on its own page. Most learning module or assignment will have a small instruction on what to do to get the learning module completed.
You will also see links and other resources such as YouTube videos and/or Google documents to review and sometimes quizzes to complete each assignments.

When you are done with an assignment, you can turn in material or create a new google docs wih whatever the assignment is asking you to do. In some instance, it could be to write an essay or turn a small research. Use the tool as directed and then click on “Mark as Done”.

How to Add a Page on a Menu on our Web Page

You just created a new page and now you want to add it to our Web page menu. This blog will show you how to add the menu items with the proper link.

1- Log in to WordPress.

2- Hover your mouse on Appearance located on the menu to the left. Then click on  Menus



3- On the left side, Locate the Pages selector menu and find the page you want to add to the Menu. Once you located, check the checkbox and click on Add to Menu



4- On the Menu Structure section, scroll all the way to the bottom of the Menu and locate the new Menu item you just added.



5- You can now click and drag to wherever you want in the hierarchy structure.



6- Click on Save Menu



7- Verify that your new Menu item is located where you want it!




How to Use Slack

What’s  Slack?

Slack is a collaboration tool that our team will use to facilitate information sharing and communication between coaches, students and any other person interested in joining our team environment.

Slack can be accessed using a browser on any type of devices. You can also download the application for iOS or Google Android application.

To download the application for your platform, click here.

To see a video of what Slack is all about, click here.


How are we using it at the Algonac Robotics Team?

To join our official Slack group, search for algonacroboticscom.

Slack is our official collaborative tool. It is our preferred tool for group texting, information sharing and other communication related to the team.

Each team members can create channels for specific projects, subteams or simple discussions about a specific topics.

Once a channel is created, you can join the public channel.

When a channel get a new post, it will become highlighted in the channel bar on the left of the screen.


You can then simply click on the channel name and the message will show on the channel message board.



To enter a message, click on the message field , type your entry and push enter.


To share a file from Google Drive, get a shareable link and simply paste in the message.


How to Use Trello

What is Trello?

Trello is a great online visual tool that allow our team to quickly build a share to do list.

This is to be use by sub-team as needed to gather information on things to do.

It is very easy to use and it is very intuitive. A great way to get started is to use it! Email Coach Seb to gain access.

The Welcome Board has instruction on how to use. Click here to open the Welcome Board.

There is also an iOS and Android app available. Click here to access download page.

To access more advanced functionality and learn how to leverage Trello, click on this link. 


How are we using it at the Algonac Robotics Team?

A good example on how we will use Trello is described below. The scenario is that we need a small process to manage our thank you notes.

So, within our Trello account, we have a board called “Thank You Notes”.


When a thank you note is needed, we can quickly add a card with the known details in the description.

To create a new card, click on “Add a Card”


When a thank you notes is ready to be processed by the Business Sub Team, it will be labels with a green indicator. Different colors labels can be use.

A yellow label indicate that there some information missing and somebody needs to do something or provide more info.

If a problem prevent the task from being done, the labels should be change to red. This will provide a quick visual to everybody so it can be addressed right away.

To change the card labels, hover your mouse on the card and click on the “Edit” icon on top right of the card, then “Edit Labels”


You can then select or un-select the label color you want.


When a card is complete, you can simply clcik and drag the card to the appropriate board.



Solidworks Sponsorship

Our team is very lucky to get a 50 licenses sponsorship from Solidworks until July 2018.

This is a premier 3D modeling suite that we will use to design our robots.

The expectation for the students is that before we build anything, it will be model in Solidworks.



To download your copy and install on your computer, use this link to access the information on our secure drive.

To learn Solidworks and access training material, click here.


How to sign up for Volunteer at a FIRST Event

Follow these steps to sign up as a volunteer at an event.

  1. Go to
  2. If you are new, click on New User.
  3. Enter all required information, click on Agree to the terms, then click on Update Account (VIMS)
  4. On the Consent release form, select one of the option at the bottom then click OK/Close Form.
  5. Continue with profile.
  6. Then select the event you want to volunteer by searching for the name. For example, “Marysville”.
  7. Once the event is selected, you can select the specific roles you want and submit for review.