FTC Rover Ruckus Game Finally Revealed!

Saturday was a great day and game was finally revealed. It look like it will be pretty exciting! Love that we are reusing past game elements!

Student Application

Application are open for FRC team members. Look like we have full roster for FTC and FLL. If you did not fill the applicaiton please do so by using the link below.

If you have a friend interested in joining the First Robotics Competition (FRC) High School level team, make sure they submit the application using the following link.

Algonac Robotics Student Application

Fundraisers Info

Next fundraisers opportunities is with the Woman’s Life #883 as they are doing a fundraisers for us. It is a Sip Dip and paint at the Algonac VFW hall on 9/21. See flyers for more details. Please invite as many people as you can!    

Next fundraisers opportunities will be for water bottle as soon as school start. This will be to install water bottle filling station by the gym at both Algonquin and the high school.

Business team is collecting addresses for a sponsorship mailing. If anyone has any businesses they want to add to the list they can send the info to algonacrobotics15@gmail.com

We are actively looking for a parent or family members that is working for Ford. There is a great grant program available for us to apply, but we must have a Ford employee as a coach/mentor. If you know someone that would be interested in becoming a mentor, please contact Coach Seb as soon as possible.

Upcoming Events

Click the links below to sign up for the upcoming events.

Team will be at the Friday night football game with the t-shirt cannon!  Please use the sign up genius to RSVP. If nobody sign up, we will have to cancel. 

Friday Night Light T-Shirt Canon – 9/14/2018

If you plan on attending the Grand Rapids Girls Competition, use the sign up genius below to RSVP. As of today only 6 students are participating.

Grand Rapids FRC Girls Competition – 10/12/2018-10/13/2018

Safety Notes! 

Please remember no open toes shoes or sandals allowed in the lab. 

Team Specific Information

Sign up available for the FRC Girls Competition in Grand Rapids. This will be an overnight trip and a weekend to remember. Please sign up as needed to ensure we have enough people going. Deadline to sign up is extended to 9/12/2018.
Boys are allowed to come and cheer our team and provide assistance in the pit without touching the robots.

Next meeting is this Wednesday 6-9pm. See you all there!

This week’s meetings: Tuesday & Thursday 6-8pm

Rover Ruckus has been launched and we are excited to start designing and prototyping.

Watch the game video again and again:

Download and study game manual here: https://goo.gl/BF3DsU

New members bring in signed last 5 pages from the member handbook. 

Use the game pieces that Coach Seb handed out and prototype some mechanisms using stuff from around the house to pick up, carry or transfer the game pieces from one place to another.

Research on YouTube, looking for Rover Ruckus in 2 days and see what those teams have come up with. Also search for First Res-Q and see what teams used to pick up these same game pieces.

If you are interested in learning Solidworks 3D CAD modeling, check out this playlist which explains what Solidworks is and has a few tutorial videos: https://goo.gl/ivkXGV

If you have access to a laptop that you would like to run Solidworks on, bring it in this week and we will get Solidworks loaded up.

2 members from each sub-team will be chosen each meeting to take notes for the engineering notebook. No exceptions.

Programming Team –> Bring your laptop on Tuesday and we will set the SDK and needed software to get us started right away.

Mentor:  Shelby
Team Leaders:  Thomas, Katie M. and Steven
Robot Design-
Mentor:  Katie E. 
Team Leaders:  Cameron and Danny
Core Values-
Mentor:  Lindsey
Team Leaders:  Noah and Isla

Project:  Have your team identify a human physical or social problem faced during long duration space exploration within our Sun’s solar system and propose a solution.
The team Decided to focus on First Aid and/or Physical and Mental Health in Space.  

Monday each team member will share what they found in their Field Research from the last meeting.

1.  What are three interesting facts you learned about the problem?
2.  Are there any solutions that currently exist for this problem and why aren’t they working well enough?
3.  What are three possible ways to improve the existing solutions? What ideas do you have for completely new solutions to the problem?

Monday we will also be continuing Robot build and Mission Planning.  

FLL Jr had a successful Information night and all of the kids are excited to get started this week. Parents need to turn in any missing paperwork on Wednesday. We are excited to blast off with Mission Moon 🙂

First official meeting this Wednesday 6-730pm.