Student Application

Application are open for FRC team members. Look like we have full roster for FTC and FLL. If you did not fill the applicaiton please do so by using the link below.

If you have a friend interested in joining the First Robotics Competition (FRC) High School level team, make sure they submit the application using the following link. –> Algonac Robotics Student Application

Fundraisers Info

Woman’s Life Paint Sip and Dip!
Thank you to the Woman’s Life Insurance #883 for the fundraiser! They raised $392.00 and donated the entire amount to the club!

Fall Sponsorship Drive
Business team is collecting addresses for a sponsorship mailing. If anyone has any businesses they want to add to the list they can send the info to

Working for Ford?
We are actively looking for a parent or family members that is working for Ford. There is a great grant program available for us to apply, but we must have a Ford employee as a coach/mentor. If you know someone that would be interested in becoming a mentor, please contact Coach Seb as soon as possible.

Upcoming Events

Each event listed below has a separate sign up for students to RSVP.
It is mandatory for FTC and FRC students to RSVP or you will not be allow to participate in the events.
This is very important for the coaches to know so we can plan ahead.
To sign up for an event, click on the link, sign in on signup genius and select one of the options for the upcoming events.

T-Shirt Canon Outreach
FTC and FRC team members to support the t-shirt canon at the football game. Sign up here –> Homecoming Game T-Shirt Canon 9/28/2018

Grand Rapids Girls Competition
Out of town events where only girls will be “touching” the robot. Open to boys and girls. Sign up here –>  Grand Rapids Girls Competition 10/12-13

DTE Energy Robotics Expo.
Some of our team students will be presenting to about 100-150 business professionals on how we applied and incorporate continuous improvement and problem solving into our robot building. Lunch will be provided and then FTC and FRC robots will be demo and discussed with DTE employees in the afternoon. This is a great outreach to one of our sponsor.
Sign up here –> DTE Energy Robotics Expo

T-Shirt Canon Outreach
FTC and FRC team members to support the t-shirt canon at the football game. Sign up here –> Friday Night Light – 10/19

Team Specific Information

Next meeting is this Wednesday 6-9pm. See you all there!

This week we will start gearing up for the Grand Rapids events.

Deep Space Teaser has now been released! See any clues?

Weekly Schedule
This weeks meetings: Tuesday & Thursday 6 – 8pm;
Possibly Saturday 9am to 1pm.

Building Team
Check out this playlist of build ideas, takes notes and be ready to prototype, discuss and build.

Programming Team
Get started on the following steps. Not everyone will be on the same page for a few meetings as we are getting the laptops setup and other things lined up. Everyone should do the following in the same sequence. Once we all catch up, it will be a blast!!!!

1- Make sure you have a laptop with that can run Android Studio.  If you do go to step 2. Extra laptop should be setup on Tuesday as the hard drive will be in and extra batteries are available. Coach Dave and Coach Corey will get you started. At this point, we should have a group on step 1 and a group on step 2.

2- Click here to open the FTC Android Studio setup wiki. Follow the instruction on that Table of Contents and work as a team. Make sure that everyone is at the same steps. Once everyone have a working laptop. Bring them up to speed by helping them catch up.

Extra Assignments — >   Being a programmer is not easy!  But once you get started the right way, you will find this to be a very rewarding experience. Our goal is to work as a team to discover the java code we will need to accomplish specific tasks. Remember, the building team will be physically putting things together, but you guys will be making this all work together. 

Start watching this tutorial playlist. This is short and easy to follow. If you want to be a programmer, you need to learn the basic!!!   This will get us started in the right directions with the java terminology and language.

Monday and Wednesday we are meeting 6-7:30.  

Building, coding, attachments!

Thursday after school we will meet with Mrs. Porter the school Social Worker about our project.  Meeting will last approximately 30 minutes.  

Don’t forget the information that you have gathered about your chosen topic from our meeting last Wednesday.

Team meeting Wednesday 6-730pm.

Last week the teams built their spacecraft!
Each teammate had a job: builder, checker, navigator, and locator. Everyone had a chance to do each job and the teamwork was amazing!
We also discussed items we would need such as energy, air, food, and water sources.
This week, we will introduce our moving element and begin designing our moon base.
Meeting on Wednesday 6-730pm.