Getting close to our Marysville District event. Below is some information on the event.

Apparel Order Form

We partner with Styles n Stitches to get some team apparel. Please share with parents and family so they can show their support. For each shirt/hats sold, we get $5 and hoodies we get $10.

Use this form to place the order. Print, fill up and bring or email/text to Coach Seb before Friday 3/18. Apparel Order Form can be accessed here. This will ensure delivery before the Marysville competition.

Marysville March 24-26

First in MI Event Portal

Event Information

Event Schedule

Just like last event, there is a sign up to use to RSVP and let the team know if you can make it or not. This is very important so we can plan accordingly. Please sign up as needed using this link: Marysville SignUp Genius

Ms. Fogg is organizing food for the event. Please use the sign up if you can bring something. We will have a table in the cafeteria setup and it would be a lot nicer if everyone bring something. If you have any questions, text Ms. Fogg at 586-873-0132.

We Need volunteer during the event. Each time are required to provide 2 volunteers. If you are available and would like to sign up, use this link: Event Volunteer


Team Fundraisers

Don’t forget about our fundraiser event sponsored by the Woman Life. This is a great opportunity to raise some funds for our program. We will display the robot and need some team member to setup. Sign up here:Art Van Go Signup

Please share with family and friends…. This group is really trying to help us out. All profits will be donated to our team and that group will match up to $500 !!!!


Week Plan


  • Continue setup Bot #2. We need a name…
  • Experiment with sensors and actuator position on controller
  • Work on scaling system


  • Regular team meeting


  • Continue with final prep before first unbag time.


  • Review prep.
  • Unbag for 2 hours starting at 630-830pm.
    • Focus on removing actuator and ball shooter.
    • Measurement for ball shooter mount plate
    • Inspect and tight every fasteners.
    • Work on new arm device


  • Finalize bot #2
  • Drivers practice


  • Drivers Practice (I am unavailable that day, need a coach.


Weekly Schedule