Good job in the last week, we got a lot of work done and lot of progress was done.

Team has voted and we are going to use the rhino tank tread. Some more reports of broken idler assembly, initial reports show over torquing and using blue loctite to be potential failure modes. Let’s take a few minutes this week to inspect and make sure we do not have the same condition.

Coach Jared designed a motor cover to be used on top of the 775 motor to protect the exposed wire connections. Within a few hours, he was able to design and use our new 3d printer to print the parts. This capability is pretty impressive for a rookie team and we are blessed to have the support we have.

Good job on our business team for submitting our application to the Chairman Award, we are not eligible becuase we are a rookie team, but posting our applicaiton was a NASA grant requirements.

There is an opportunity to apply for a Lowes $5000 grant. Deadline is 2/12.

Reminder of our build deadline date….     2/21/2016 at midnight !!!!

Reminder of our priorities in order:

  1. Drive through and damage all the defenses including low bar.
  2. Pick and throw the ball in the castle
  3. Scale the tower

Review calendar.

Sub Team Notes

Programming / Electrical Controls
  • Bench teat every motor controller and understand motor speed, power and how to alter.
  • Experiment with sensors and how they interact with the controller.
  • Experiment with machine vision systems and how it will interact with the controller.
  • Start building the electrical system with the Modulus.
  • Sub team to work on ball catcher and thrower design.
  • Sub team to work on robot arm design
  • Sub team to work on Tower scaling system.
  • Start master bill of material of all material used.
  • Chairman award application
  • Finish flyer to give out to local business.
  • Develop cover letter for requesting partnership
  • Send thank you note to Battery Giant.
  • Thank you note to Knieper and DeVoogd family

Weekly Schedule