Little late this week, but here it is …

This is it !!!! Last week to make this thing do what we want !

I want to make sure everybody understand how excited and fun this has been.
There is a lot of work that was done in a short period of time and I am very proud of the effort everybody put in to make this happen. Some students are heavily involved in programming and / or building while others are there showing their support, at the end of the day, WE ARE A TEAM and we will go to compete as a team !!!!

We are going to Oxford High School this Saturday 9am to 9pm. Depending on how it goes, we may be there the entire time or a portion of it. Assuming that it goes well on Saturday, we may end up doing tweaking and autonomous programming on Sunday.

Reminder of our build deadline date….     2/21/2016 at midnight !!!!

We weighted at 103 pounds last night…. max allowed is 120.

Reminder of our priorities in order:

  1. Drive through and damage all the defenses including low bar.
    -We can currently go thru 5 of the 9 defenses.
    -Programming sub-autonomous program will be the deciding factor on what’s next. If successul with current arm design we are good to go with what we have, otherwise, we go to plan B.
    -Plan B is a shorter arm to handle the portcullis, cheval de frise.
    -Plan C will look at drawbridge and sally port.
  2. Pick and throw the ball in the castle
    -Well done, working great, actuator need potentiometer connected and end of travel sensor mounted.
    -Our ability to pick ball quickly is a little diminished because of the bumpers. Coach Jared is leading effort for a ball alignment picker tool.
    -We should look into using web cam and display to manually find the target. Suggestion from other team is to have a tape or sticker on driver station with cross hair to align the shooter elevation with the target.
    -Plan B full tracking and shooting capabilities using vision system…
  3. Scale the tower
    -Winch design is completed and parts should be delivered today or tomorrow.
    -Need to continue working on hook design.


Sub Team Notes

Programming / Electrical Controls
  • Focus on sub-autonomous and autonomous programming
  • Need to mount the encoder on drive system.
  • Need to finish second floor on back side of robot.
  • Need hard stop on arm to mechanically prevent going over 15″ from perimeter.
  • Need proper mount for battery
  • Need build side wall for sponsor stickers
  • Would be nice to have some LEDs and somewhat of an Algonac engrave picture on side wall.
  • Need bill of material by sub assy
  • Finish flyer to give out to local business.
  • Develop cover letter for requesting partnership
  • Send thank you note to Battery Giant.
  • Thank you note to Knieper and DeVoogd family
  • Need to develop reveal movie

Competitions Information

Thursday night (5pm-10pm)  is pit setup and inspections.

Opening ceremony and qualification match start on Friday morning. See Event Schedule link below.

Students will be excused from school on Friday to attend and represent our school on Friday. Students MUST make arrangement with teachers for paper due and/or other assignments.

If you plan on attending Friday competition, please let Coach Seb know as soon as possible so i can forward the list to the school administration ahead of time.


Waterford March 3-5

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Marysville March 24-26

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Michigan State Championship April 13-16

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