What a weekend !!!     Congrats to everyone that participate, we made a great statement as a rookie team and I am very proud for what our team achieved.

This was our second event and i just can’t believe how much we as a team learned in such a small period of time.

Nothing was easy. The pressure to get things done was extremely high, driving team was challenged many times and the emotion we all experienced were just like a roller coaster.

At the end, what matter is that as a team, we went there and showed everyone that even if the road was bumpy, we as a team never gave up and continuously worked hard to fix whatever needed to be fixed. Great example was that even after our last qualification match, I was standing in the door to the gym listening to the alliance being picked and when the #1 seed announced that we were in, I found our Muskrats students working on fixing that problem on the practice field. That is what resilience is all about and I heard many times from other coaches that this may have been one of the reason why we got picked, WE as a team never gave up and continuously work to improve what had.

The playoffs run was unbelievable. We learned a lot about game strategies and teamwork from the TORC and ThunderChickens coaches. We are very grateful to be part of that team.

Click on this link to see our team matches at the Marysville District event.

After 2 events, we accumulated 60 district points. The word on the circuit is that to get in the State Championship, we will need anywhere between 57 to 75 depending on next week event. I expect that we will miss the cutoff by a small margin but we shall be ready just in case. With that in mind, we will make sure that Betsy is ready in case we are lucky enough to get in !   As of today, we are in 94th position out of 411 teams in the State.

Click here to see the full ranking.

This week schedule:

3/29 – Regular Team Meeting 6-8pm

3/30 – Engineering Fair at the Algonquin Elementary.

3/31 – Art Van Go Fundraisers Event

More details will be provided tomorrow in regards to the Engineering Fair and the fundraiser event.

Thanks to all the coaches, parents and students and congrats on a job well done!

Coach Seb