Team, this is going to be a busy week.  So here is the schedule and info for everyone. Everyone read entire post below!

Mon 4/3

Mandatory Team meeting 5-9

Tue 4/4

Volunteers are needed in Marysville to help setup. I need 1 coach/parent  and students to sign up. Contact Coach Seb.

Build team will be working in lab 5-9.

Wed 4/5

Mandatory team meeting 5-9 to prep for Marysville.

Build team will be at Kettering to do last minute check and test.

Thursday 4/6

Last unbag time. Team to finalize robot last changes. Build team start time 8am. Remaining Team members to meet in lab at 2pm to pack and head out to Marysville.

Thursday night will be setting up pit at 5pm. Then robot inspection and practice time.

Friday 4/7

Team meeting 745am in Marysville cafeteria. Pit open at 8am.

Competition will be starting at around 1100am and go until approx 8pm.

Sat 4/8

Team meeting 745am in Marysville cafeteria. Pit open at 8am.

Competition will be starting at around 900am and go until approx noon, then alliance selection and playoffs in the afternoon until 5pm.

We will be helping with cleaning the fields and pit areas afterward, we will need all the help that we can provide. The more helping the faster we will be one.

General Info

Everyone should bring healthy snacks to share. Coach Seb will bring cooler with water.

Event Agenda can be found here.

General Event information can be found here.


Every team members age 14+ must sign up to volunteer for portion of the event. Only exception will be drive team and Scouting Lead. Everybody else need to sign up using the following system. Teams that don’t have the minimum people sign up are exempt from awards and it negatively reflect on the team participation. This is important and it is part of being on this team.


                               APRIL 7th – APRIL 8th,  2017
                           Marysville High School, Marysville, MI
Technical or Non-Technical – WE NEED YOU!
FIRST is a world-class celebration of teams of high school students. The goal of FIRST is to inspire students to be our next generation of innovators, scientists and technicians by enabling them to experience the excitement of math, science, and engineering. We help prepare today’s youth for the advanced workplace of tomorrow.
The 2017 Marysville District Competition will include over 1000 students, mentors, and sponsors from across the Michigan area. We need over 80 volunteers each day.
sample of the roles available:
·         Field Reset & Team Queuing
·         Replacement Parts & Machine Parts Staff
·         Practice Field & Safety Glasses Attendants
·         Pit Announcer & Pit Admin Support
·         Volunteer & VIP Check-in Assistants
·         And More…
1.      Select Program – FRC
2.      Select State / Province – Michigan
3.      Select Event – Marysville