Team now has a printer/copier/scanner in the room. It is a wireless printer. Use as needed for team business.

Coach Tony and I printed the field drawing on the wall. We also put some new print of the field defenses.

Mr Knieper was successful in securing a 3d printer for the team. This is awesome news and will allow us to save a lot of $$$. More info will be share as it becomes available.

We will have our first annual Build Blitz weekend of 1/29-1/31. We will start at 5pm on Friday night with a goal of a build robot by Sunday night 6pm. More info to come. To make sure this is successful, we need the design wrap up and parts on order by 1/25/16 at the latest.

Parent information meeting will be held on Thursday 1/21/2016 6-7pm. This will be a great opportunities for your parent to meet our coaches and check out our room.

Scholarship information can be found using this link. If you need anything from the team or school, let me know so we can help getting the right info.

We need to start using meeting minutes form to keep track of our meetings activities. Each sub team should have one person fill this form every meeting to document what we did. This is very important for the award that we will apply. Some of the award are depending on this kind of documentation. It is mandatory for each team to use the form. If there is a problem or issues, see Coach Seb.

Make sure you turn in the parent social media authorization form. If your family prefer not to have picture online, make sure i am aware so i can pass the word to the other coach as needed.

Students TO DO List

  1. So we now know what we need to do. If you did not see the Stronghold game video, watch it over and over again !!!! Click here to open the 2016 kickoff playlist.
  2. Found this video on field description. Click here to watch the field description video.
  3. Read the game manual. Lot of rules and things to know. The more we know as a team, the better we will perform. To view the manual click here.
  4. Print and have your parents sign the media release form.

This week we are continuing on the strategy design portion of the build. We had some great discussion at Kettering, and we will continue tomorrow at our regular meeting time. Team goal is to have a clear vision of what we are going to accomplish and develop a plan to get there.

Immediate Need


Sub Team Notes

Programming / Electrical Controls
  • Develop a plan to download the program as it change to different media and backup as necessary.
  • Review Labview tutorials.
  • Experiment with sensors and how they interact with the controller.
  • Experiment with machine vision systems and how it will interact with the controller.
  • Continue learning Solidworks
  • Start looking at component and download / introduce VexPro line to projects.
  • Sub team to work on ball catcher and thrower design.
  • Sub team to work on robot arm design
  • Sub team to work on Tower scaling system.
  • Finish flyer to give out to local business.
  • Develop cover letter for requesting partnership
  • Develop presentation on who we are. This is the presentation that the team will use to present the team to potential partners.
  • Make appointment with Prior Plumbing. Contact Coach Seb for details.
  • Make appointment with Lumberjack. Contact Coach Seb for details.

Weekly Schedule