First Tech Challenge is on a good start!

ftcFirst 2016-2017 season meeting was held last night and it was well attended. I am very excited to see some students returning and it was very cool to see some of the new students joining our team. This is going to be an exciting season, the new game will be released next weekend and we are on a good start already. For those of you that were with us last year, just think about what we did last year and where we are at today… Let’s apply what we learned and show some muskrat pride!


Kettering University Event Saturday, September 10th, 8am to 3pm

We are planning on going to Kettering University for the day. This is not a mandatory event. We will attend a few presentations throughout the day and we will watch the game unveal at noon in the main auditorium with other Michigan teams.  A field will also be displayed for us to review and take pictures and measurement as needed. For more info on the schedule, click here.

Please RSVP using our sign up genius application. Click here to open the RSVP app. If you are new to our team, you may have to create an account to properly RSVP.

Bring your own lunch as we will eat together as a team.


Little Library Opening Ceremony

The little library final location has been approved. We will have an opening ceremony with the Woman’s Life group on Thursday night September 8th at 630pm in the Algonac Boardwalk park.

Please RSVP for this event using this RSVP. Click here to open in Sign up Genius. We need as many students as possible (this is all of FLL, FTC and FRC, students and coaches) to show our support to this great group. They have made the FLL teams expansion possible with the fundraiser last year. Our team has painted the library and Ms Tricomo from Algonquin Elementary painted the library design. Ms Tricomo’s book will also be available in the library for their opening.


First Lego League Update

First meeting was last Monday. Next meeting to be Wednesday 9/7/2016 at 6pm at the Algonquin Elementary Lab. FTC & FRC team members that want to help mentoring, please see Coach Seb.


Slack Application Update


Slack is a team communication tool that help put all messages and other text in one central location. Users can create channels and there is some integration with other tools such as this newsletter and others.
All students are responsible to create a Slack account and monitor the channels as needed. Every team members should have received an invite email to join our team site and create an account.  If you did not receive the email, contact Coach Seb as soon as possible and we will ensure that you get in.

There is an application available for the android and iOS users and also a desktop application for windows and Mac.  If you don’t have smart cell phone, you can use a web browser on any computer connected to the internet to see the channel activities. Remind will still be use to notify and inform as needed.


Sponsorship application and thank you note

I need a few student (ideally 5-6) to take on this leadership role to ensure that we properly fill applications like the NASA grant request. This is a great spot for someone that enjoy writing and it will really help leading the effort in getting sponsorship going in our community and beyond. This team will also coordinate the thank you note to our donors. If you are interested in this,  join the #business_marketing channel on Slack. We have a few applications ready to be worked on. Ford and NASA are in the pipeline…


Have a great weekend and we will see you next Wednesday in the lab!