Teams are on a good start. Meeting will be held same time, same location this week.




Team is now on the fall schedule, meetings are Monday and Wednesdays 6-8pm.

Game was revealed yesterday. it look like it will be a lot of fun. Challenges will allow a lot of interaction between the teams. Click here to access the Game and season materials.

To get started on the season, we will follow the steps of the design process.

I posted some info in our #general channels on Slack. Please take a few minutes to watch the game videos, and go to to the link provided on Slack to give your input.

Slack is a very powerful collaboration tool that brings everything into one application. Make sure you keep up with the channel communications.

Primary sub-teams also have their own channels. Please review the content as there is already quite a bit of materials that has been posted on there.

Build / CAD Sub Team

  • Continue Solidworks installation on the 2 computers in the room.
  • Install Solidworks on your home computer. Click here for information on doing this.
  • Start taking online Solidworks classes. Watch videos and start modeling using Tetrix components.
  • To get practices on doing this, a few interested students should start to model the pushbots in Solidworks.
  • Work with coaches to organize Actobotics parts. We do not want to have the parts laying all over the place. Come up with a way to organize bins or other organizers to put the parts in. The following requirements should be taking in consideration when designing the storage.
    • Portable… small parts should be in containers that we can easily carry to a event.
    • Labeled in a way that we can easily find what we need quickly
    • Visual… we can even put picture on whatever you want to use.

Business / Marketing Sub Team

  • Develop and work on our thank you note process.
  • Review Slack channel for link to the Trello board.
  • Some team members should be working on thank you notes.
  • Others on grants and application. On the Trello board, you can click on the items to see info on it.
    • Ford FTC
    • Ford FRC
    • Nasa
    • Lowes

Programming / Electrical

  • Team need to organize the sensors, wires and other parts. Discuss and brainstorms on ways to do this. Talk to the coaches and work in collaboration with the Build / Cad Teams as they are discussing the same.



Main focus right now will be to support the FTC team.

A Trello board will be developed shortly to list what needs to be done in the next few months in preparation to the upcoming season in January.

Enjoy your week.

Coach Seb