Great job to all that participate in our building blitz this weekend. Lot of good work got done…

Special thank you from the team to Mr Knieper for helping in getting the Cube Pro for our team. This is an amazing technology and i am confident that we will find some great way to use and teach the students about this emerging technology.

Also thank you to the Knieper and DeVoogd family for feeding a bunch of teenagers and coaches.

Great news for FTC team, we received a $400 grant from DTE last week.

Between building the 2 drive assembly, wiring the motor controller, experiment with tape assy, building the arm and ball shooter, we even were able to print our first 3d parts with our brand new printer!!!!

This is our last 3 weeks stretch…   magic date is 2/21/2016 at midnight !!!!

We have our 2 prototypes drive assembly build and were able to test drive both of them. We need to make sure we have a definite decision made by end of our meeting tomorrow. Be prepare to discuss pros and cons of each drive system tomorrow night.

Reminder of our priorities in order:

  1. Drive through and damage all the defenses including low bar.
  2. Throw the ball in the castle
  3. Scale the tower

Rhino tank threads looks great !    love the look and design of them. Seeing some post around shaft bearing failure on Chief Delphi, let’s inspect ours tomorrow.

Review calendar.

Students TO DO List

  1. Think about the drive system and list pros and cons for each.
  2. Read the game manual. Lot of rules and things to know. The more we know as a team, the better we will perform. To view the manual click here.
  3. Read the game amendment.

Immediate Need


Sub Team Notes

Programming / Electrical Controls
  • Review Labview tutorials.
  • Bench teat every motor controller and understand motor speed, power and how to alter.
  • Experiment with sensors and how they interact with the controller.
  • Experiment with machine vision systems and how it will interact with the controller.
  • Start building the electrical system with the Modulus.
  • Sub team to work on ball catcher and thrower design.
  • Sub team to work on robot arm design
  • Sub team to work on Tower scaling system.
  • Start master bill of material of all material used.
  • Chairman award application
  • Finish flyer to give out to local business.
  • Develop cover letter for requesting partnership
  • Send thank you note to Battery Giant.
  • Thank you note to Knieper and DeVoogd family

Weekly Schedule