Team General

Thank you Romain and Knieper families!

A roller toolbox and workbench were donated for the team to use.  This will make it much easier to organize the room.

Woodworker needed!  

We need to build adjustable dividers for the workbench drawers. This will allow us to store all kits and spare parts more effectively.

If you know someone that is interested in helping out that has the skills and the tools to build what we need, have them call Coach Seb.



Teams are on a good start. Meeting will be held same time, same location this week. Monday right after school and Wednesday 6-8pm.

Thank you to KB for the great team logo!!!!


Team will no longer accept new students to join as the competition is fast approaching. Qualifier events will be help in November and early December. We should have dates to share with everyone later this week or early next week.

Make sure you have the shirt size for today’s meeting.





Team is doing great!

As it stands now, our first qualifier will be in Marysville on Nov 19th. Click here to RSVP using Sign up genius.

Mark your calendar for tentative second qualifier on 12/3 and if we do good, State Championships in Battle Creek on 12/17. More info will be available soon.


We need to have ICHAT form for any parents that would like to volunteer with our team. You can find the form by clicking here.

We also need the Students Publication Authorization form return asap if you did not return yet.

Build / CAD Sub Team

Design is moving well, we now have prototype for picking ball, storage and shooter mechanisms. We need to identify all materials needed so we can place the order tonight.

Our drive systems is being build and moving.

Continue working on drive chassis and start building ball picker, storage and shooter mechanisms.

Business / Marketing Sub Team

Great job on the grants application. NASA, Lowes and ServoCity we’re completed.

Focus should be on Ford this week.

Programming / Electrical

We have our first Java program up and running!!!!

This is great news, our Pushbot is now working and we can use what we have to start working on our teleop and autonomous program.

We are learning how to leverage sensors. If you are interested in learning Java for both FTC and FRC, start researching online how to integrate sensors into our robots!



Main focus right now will be to support the FTC team.

A Trello board will be developed shortly to list what needs to be done in the next few months in preparation to the upcoming season in January.

Enjoy your week.

Coach Seb