Because it’s a snow day, our lab time today will be optional.

If you plan on driving, you MUST check with your parents first to make sure they are comfortable with that.

We will take advantage of our last 2 hours of un-bag time time tonight at 6pm. We will be prepping for this time starting at 4pm.

Tomorrow we will be leaving Algonac around 330pm. The pit area open at 5pm and we will try to take advantage of as much time as possible to setup, go thru the inspection and then practice driving.

Pit will closed at 9pm tomorrow night.

As far as Friday and Saturday morning, students and coaches should plan on meeting in pit area at 8am.

If you did not RSVP, please be respectful to your team and do so ASAP even if you are not planning on coming.

This way, we know for sure who is in and who is not. Planning for an event like this is not easy and your cooperation is very much appreciated.

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This is going to be a fun event.  Go Muskrat!