Team Members,
I will be picking up the salsa order on Thursday afternoon at Buddies Food and it will be ready for pick up in the lab on Thursday from 5pm tp 6pm.
If you have an order, please make arrangement to pick up before the meeting. Same goes if you can be there because of the football game, otherwise, contact me to make arrangements. We want to make sure that it stay cold.
This was a last minute trial and we still raised $546. Thank you for everyone that participated.
We also received a $2000.00 sponsorship from Esys Automation.
Coach Nicole is keeping track for each students so we can all attain our goal as a team!
Business Sponsorship brochure is also ready for prime time. If you know someone in a local (or far away!!!!) business that would be interested in supporting our team, make sure you grab a brochure and talk to them about our team. The sponsorship levels are defined on the brochure and it explained what we do at a high level. If they have more questions, feel free to direct anyone to our web site and / or have them contact one of the coach listed on the brochure.
All future communication for the 2017-2018 season will be via remind. This is the only easy tool to use that allow you to choose between email or text. It is very convenient for all of us.
If you plan on attending both seasons, sign up for both!
For all FRC students, we will ask that you join our Slack Group. Click here for more information on Slack.
FTC Students are not required but we encouraged you to join if you feel that you could benefits from it. The channels are there to be use, all official blog from FIRST get automatically added to our channel and this is where we will have all internal communications between team members and/or coaches during the seasons. Parents that have the proper iChat form approved are also encourage to join and participate as needed. The vision is that we brainstorm and exchange ideas on the proper slack channels so everyone can benefits and provide inputs.
Lastly, our FLL team got quite a challenge this year! the Hydro Dynamics game promise to be a lot of fun. If you are in the FRC team and would like to help the FLL team, please contact the coaches and we will connect you with them. Good luck IronRats!  To view the missions, click here. 
See you on Thursday night, 6-9pm.
Coach Seb