What a great start to our 2017-18 season.

Orientation night went very well! Thank you to everyone that came and I hope you learn about our club.

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This post will have link about the documents we talked about yesterday.

Feel free to download and print the form needed. If anyone has any issues with access or file format, please contact myself or Coach Nicole right away. We will do our best to accommodate.

So here are the links:

Students Application Form – Google form to apply to the club.

Presentations – Slide deck that we presented at orientation.

Remind Signup Instruction  – This is the 2 remind instructions. One for FTC, and the other for FRC… Feel free to sign for both as needed.

Publication Authorization Form – This is to authorize the club for using students pictures for our social media or other publications. Also in the student handbook.

Facebook Group – Community facebook group for community outreach.

Student Handbook – Algonac Robotics rules and guidelines.

iChat Form – Mandatory if parents / guardians wants to volunteer with students.

Salsa Order Form – Fall Fundraisers form.

Salsa Product Description – Fall Fundraisers Description.

Furthermore, there is a few more forms at the end of the handbook that need to be reviewed, signed and turn in.