Student Application

If your name is not listed below, you need to fill in the team application, go ahead and fill that in as soon as possible. That form will provide us with the initial information needed to get everyone started properly.

Algonac Robotics Student Application

The following students already did.

Ashley, Gabby, Shelby, Daniel L.,  Katie, Lindsey, Roman, Thomas P., Trinity, Rodney, Nicholas, Michael B., Eddie, David R., Megan, Bobbie, Tabitha, James M., Thomas M., Renee D.,

New week of 8/19/- Alexander M. CJ, Devin, Nathaniel.


It is very important that everyone complete the assignment in the Welcome to Algonac Robotics Classroom. This will ensure that everyone has the proper paperwork submitted, remind sign on etc… Please log in to the Google Classroom and follow the instruction there. If you need help with anything, contact Coach Seb.

Use this post to help you as needed.

How to use Google Classroom at Algonac Robotics

This is mandatory for all FTC/FRC students, no exceptions.

In order to attend any events, all FTC/FRC students will have to complete the Algonac Robotics 4 initial Classrooms. This is new, but it will also provide the foundation you need for our club to be successful and operate safely.


We are also starting our first fundraisers right away.

This is very important for all to participate as total earned will be added against each students goals.

Order are due in by 8/22. Orders will be  delivered on 8/29.

Chuck and Dave’s Salsa and Dip Description

Chuck and Dave’s Order Form

Next fundraisers opportunities will be for water bottle as soon as school start.

Upcoming Events

Friday Night Light T-Shirt Canon – 8/24/2018 – Sign Up Here

Friday Night Light T-Shirt Canon – 8/30/2018 – Sign Up Coming Soon!

Friday Night Light T-Shirt Canon – 9/14/2018 – Sign Up Coming Soon!

Friday Night Light T-Shirt Canon – 9/28/2018 – Sign Up Coming Soon!

Grand Rapids FRC Girls Competition – 10/12/2018-10/13/2018 – Sign Up Coming Soon!

Friday Night Light T-Shirt Canon – 10/19/2018 – Sign Up Coming Soon!


Team Specific Information

This week focus is on making sure the T-Shirt canon is calibrated and ready for our first football game this coming Friday.

On Wednesday, we will take it to the football stadium and shoot some t-shirt to practice and understand where they will land in the crowd. If you plan on attending this Friday, then be at the meeting on Wednesday.

It is now official, we will be at the Grand Rapids Girls Competition on 10/12-13. We need to make sure the bot is ready and that the team is able to support.


This week’s schedule Tuesday & Thursday 6-8.

Please bring back the signed forms from membership handbook.

Bring safety glasses if you have yours from last season.

Salsa orders due Tuesday at meeting or Wednesday drop off at lab.


This will be our fourth week into this competition season.

Please remember attendance is not optional (Please ask for a copy of the FLL Team Policies if needed)

I want to see the team work hard together and be proud of their accomplishments.

Having the full commitment of the team given the 3 month sprint to competition is key to the team’s success.

If you missed any of the first meetings please follow this link.

-In the Challenge Guide we have already covered Robot Rules and Missions.
-watch the welcome to the season videos.
-look for sources with information relevant to the project. The team has narrowed focus a bit to air, spacesuits, food, water, and first aide/social/mental well-being. We will narrow this more this week.

Hope to see everyone tomorrow.

We need to work on the robot and talk about the project rules. Salsa orders are due at Wednesday’s meeting.


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