Welcome to our Algonac Robotics 2018-2019 season!

This year is going to be epic again!

Great stuff in the way and we are looking forward to expand our team with our very first FLL Jr as a pilot starting this fall.

Student Application

If your name is not listed below, you need to fill in the team application, go ahead and fill that in as soon as possible. That form will provide us with the initial information needed to get everyone started properly.

Algonac Robotics Student Application

The following students already did.

Ashley, Gabby, Shelby, Daniel L.,  Katie, Lindsey, Roman, Thomas P., Trinity, Rodney, Nicholas, Michael B., Eddie, David R., Megan, Bobbie, Tabitha, James M., Thomas M., Renee D.


This year, we are kicking off our training curriculum using Google Classroom. If you have a smartphone, go ahead and download the app. Make sure you start the “Welcome to Algonac Robotics” classroom training as soon as possible. This will ensure that all the proper paperwork, forms and other important information is communicated. When you are done with a task in the classroom, submit as completed to get proper credits. More information will be sent shortly on the remaining 3 classrooms.

Use this link to get you started:

How to use Google Classroom at Algonac Robotics

This is mandatory for all FTC/FRC students, no exceptions.

In order to attend any events, all FTC/FRC students will have to complete the Algonac Robotics 4 initial Classrooms. This is new, but it will also provide the foundation you need for our club to be successful and operate safely.


We are also starting our first fundraisers right away.

This is very important for all to participate as total earned will be added against each students goals.

Order are due in by 8/22. Orders will be  delivered on 8/29.

Chuck and Dave’s Salsa and Dip Description

Chuck and Dave’s Order Form

Next fundraisers opportunities will be for water bottle as soon as school start.

Team Specific Information

Lead Coach will be Coach Seb.

Team will meet on Wednesday 6-9pm during the FTC season. First meeting on 8/15/2018.


Lead Coach will be Coach Jared.

Team will meet on Tuesdays and Thursday 6-9pm during the FTC season. First meeting on 8/14/2018.

Some Friday and Saturdays will be added as necessary.

Team will switch to 1 day a week during the FRC season.


Lead Coach will be Coach Lisa.

Team will meet on Monday and Wednesday 6-730pm.

Please note, team is now officially meeting at Pointe Tremble in the Robotics Lab!


Thank you to Ms Janice Pasko to step in as a coach and coordinate this new team addition for 2nd and 3rd graders.

Team will meet on Wednesday 6-730pm during the fall season.

First meeting date will be announced shortly.