Student Application

Application are open for FRC team members. Look like we have full roster for FTC and FLL. If you did not fill the application please do so by using the link below.

If you have a friend interested in joining the First Robotics Competition (FRC) High School level team, make sure they submit the application using the following link. –> Algonac Robotics Student Application

Fundraisers Info

Fall Sponsorship Drive
Business team is collecting addresses for a sponsorship mailing. If anyone has any businesses they want to add to the list they can send the info to

Upcoming Events

Each event listed below has a separate sign up for students to RSVP.
It is mandatory for FTC and FRC students to RSVP or you will not be allow to participate in the events.
This is very important for the coaches to know so we can plan ahead.
To sign up for an event, click on the link, sign in on signup genius and select one of the options for the upcoming events.

10/12-13 FRC Grand Rapids Girls Competition
Out of town events where only girls will be “touching” the robot. Open to boys and girls. Sign up here –> Grand Rapids Girls Competition 10/12-13

10/19 DTE Energy Robotics Expo.
Some of our team students will be presenting to about 100-150 business professionals on how we applied and incorporate continuous improvement and problem solving into our robot building. Lunch will be provided and then FTC and FRC robots will be demo and discussed with DTE employees in the afternoon. This is a great outreach to one of our sponsor.
Sign up here –> DTE Energy Robotics Expo

10/19 T-Shirt Canon Outreach
FTC and FRC team members to support the t-shirt canon at the football game. Sign up here –> Friday Night Light – 10/19

10/25 Algonac Robotics Open House

11/10 FLL jr Event Marysville

Team Specific Information

Next meeting is this Wednesday 6-9pm. See you all there!

This week we will continue gearing up for the Grand Rapids events.

Friday, we will meet at the lab around noon. Finish packing the trailer and then head out to Grand Rapids. 
If you are coming this weekend, make sure you attend the meeting Wednesday so we can finalize travel arrangements and reservations.

This weeks meetings: Tuesday & Thursday 6 – 9pm

We understand that it is late for a school night and if you cannot stay until 9 it is understandable.

The team made good progress on programming, the robot build and in Solidworks this past week.
The business team also got a lot done by sending out 250 sponsorship brochures, organizing for the fall carnival outreach and putting together the team member bios for the engineering notebook.
Let’s keep the momentum moving forward!

Building Team
Check out this playlist of build ideas, takes notes and be ready to prototype, discuss and build.

Programming Team

Click here to open the FTC Android Studio setup wiki. 

Extra Assignments — > Being a programmer is not easy! But once you get started the right way, you will find this to be a very rewarding experience. Our goal is to work as a team to discover the java code we will need to accomplish specific tasks. Remember, the building team will be physically putting things together, but you guys will be making this all work together.

Start watching this tutorial playlist. This is short and easy to follow. If you want to be a programmer, you need to learn the basic!!! This will get us started in the right directions with the java terminology and language.

Monday and Wednesday we are meeting 6-7:30.

The team has started putting together the presentation for their project. 
We will continue to polish that this week.
Core Values Team Leads will be working with the team to compile information for the Core Values poster.  
Cameron and Noah are very close to completing two missions.
Thomas is working diligently on an attachment for the lander mission. 
We need to work on our robot design a bit more this week to stabilize our sensors.  
We have two weeks until the team presents their project to the School Board and Sponsors and Four weeks to get as many missions polished as possible. 
Please come focused and ready to work.   

Team meeting Wednesday 6-730pm.

The groups spent time practicing programming their WeDo robot Milo.
They are using block programming to determine the length and speed Milo will travel as well as learning how to reverse direction, pause, and repeat their program.
Afterward we talked about getting and storing water on the moon and they used Lego and Milo to show how they would transport and store any frozen water collected from moon craters.

Next week we will begin to design the Moon Base.