What an awesome experience it was. I want to say thank you to all the parents, mentors, coaches that helped us through his season. It has been a blast and i am very excited to see that we applied a lot of the learning from last year into this year season and build.

Velocity Vortex was not an easy game to build for, but we made it and made very well. Although we fall short from a State Championship presence, we made a statement on how we performed, and how our robots was build. Some of you were around when we started last year and i am pretty sure you can see how this program has evolved over the last year and a half.

So let’s recap a few things from this FTC season:

  • Finished Marysville Qualifier undefeated during qualification matches and place 2nd out of 40 teams.
  • We matched the State record with 8 particles in tnter vortex twice.
  • Finished Bedford Qualifier winning 3 out of 5 of our qualification matches, putting us in 10th place out of 36 teams.
  • Scored the highest match during the Bedford qualification match with 170 points. To put this in perspective, the world record as of yesterday morning was 220… Reviewing the score of all Michigan qualifier this year, this is the 3rd highest score of the year.
  • Because of the way we build our sweeper, we are one of the very few teams out there that can pick and shoot during autonomous.
  • Programming in Java versus App Inventor was a great move, still a lot to learn but this is a great start.
  • Started using Actobotics parts versus Tetrix, which was a great move, allowing a lot more options in our design.
  • Started using VexPRO for drive systems and motion components. This is allowed us to build a very strong robots and leverage other components.
  • Started to learn how to leverage Solidworks.
  • Our pit and engineering notebook looks so much better, thank Ms Petit and the students that made this effort!

Click here to ope the FTC Bedford District Qualifier Gallery.

We will have a meeting on Wednesday 6-8pm.

Community Outreach on Friday night !!!!  Click here to see the flyer with info.

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FRC season is just around the corner. I am very excited about the new game coming up soon.