We will host this fundraiser during the Yard Trail Sale starting Friday 8/12 to 8/14 at Coach Seb house.

If you have any items you will like to donate for this event, contact Coach Seb at 586-770-9386.  Please ask your family and neighbors for anything they want to get rid of. We will arrange for pick up.

All funds raised will be added to our General Funds and be used to purchase tools, parts and other items needed for this club. I am thinking this could become our biggest annual fundraiser if done right.

If we have enough volunteer, we could setup a grill and sell hot dogs as well.

Please RSVP for this event using this sign up.

If you have parents, siblings and/or friend that can help they are welcome to join us!

We will start setup on Thursday night. If you have any table and/or horse stand we could use please let me know.

Coach Seb

garage sale